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I talk to God as much as I talk to Satan because I want to hear both sides

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Um... not much to say really. I have the tendency to change my hair colour every couple of months or so (it's pink right now) and I like to write fanfiction, mostly for Supernatural and Harry Potter (normally crossed with SPN).

I'm currently applying to do my Masters in Shakespeare Studies at the Shakespeare Institute in Stratford, and I already have a Joint Honours degree in Creative Writing and Film Studies. Because I am one of those strange people that feels a need to learn and push themselves, I am also applying (for a second time) to Med School. I did get accepted the first time, but had to turn it down as I was in a bad car accident. So yeah... But now I can use my hands fully once more, and thus i'm applying again. I want to become a pathologist. Always have wanted to be one.

Um... what else? I'm in my twenties, female, live in England (though I was born and lived in Scotland for the first three years of my life) and I'm mad as a box of frogs! *giggles* No, really, I am! Actually, I do have bipolar, but I tend to not think about it too much and also dislike people that either use it as an excuse or make up that they have it because they think it's 'cool' or something. It's not. Trust me. It can be down right lethal at times, if you've got it in your head to retile to roof at three in the morning, mid-december, in your pyjamas. *cringe* Yeah...

That's really all there is to know about me though. I mean, you'll probably learn more about me from blogs and such, but meh, I'm really not all that interesting! *grin* I also have an LJ account under the same name...

Oh! And I'm addicted to Twitter! Follow me, I'm @PoLeWitt (though my account is protected, so give me a bit of time to accept you. Heh)
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